On the morning of Jan. 6, the Brennan Center for Justice published a cogent essay entitled “Refuting the myth of voter fraud yet again,” which was a reminder that Donald Trump’s spurious allegations about a stolen election were “not just unsubstantiated – they are flat out false, and have been repeatedly and definitely debunked.”

Trump didn’t get the memo, so hours later, he tried to take the Capitol by triggering a mob with the same monstrous lie.

It may have seemed like America dodged a bullet, but the greatest danger is still to come: That same lie is now Republican doctrine, because the fabulists left behind to patch together Trump’s party — led by the 43 Senators who voted to acquit him Saturday — are using it to strangle voting rights and democracy itself.

That’s the conclusion of a new study from The Brennan Center, which has looked at every state Legislature and found that 33 have introduced a whopping 165 bills that would restrict voting access in 2021 alone.


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